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Frequently Asked Questions

a) Will I receive an (physical) Compact Disc when ordering in this MP3 Download Shop ??

No, you will receive an MP3 file (as this in an MP3 Donload Shop) and NOT an (physical) Compact Disc.

(nb: this is a serious question, not a joke, as we really get asked by few customers when they will receive the (physical) CD after having ordered in this MP3 Download shop !! )

b) How to order:

1. Registration:

You have to registrate / open your own account (incl. your e-mail adress)

(Through your registration at our shop you are also able to shop faster in the future by simply log in with your password )

2. After registration you can choose your wanted MP3 tracks (shopping cart)

3. Then you have to choose the desired mode of payment for your order ( VISA – MASTERCARD / PAYPAL)

4. After having paid you will receive the wanted tracks ( and invoice ) in your account.

All your MP3 tracks can be downloaded seperatly ( as single track ) to avoid eventual problems with too huge data files.

c) Bitrate:

All MP3 tracks are 192kBit/sec. and without DMR

d) If there are any problems feel free to contact our technical support / customer serve :




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