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PHALLUS DEI - Osmose | Album
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Released: 01.06.2006
Track count: 11
Genres: Dark Wave

Runtime: 48:29 Min.

Back to the roots for PHALLUS DEI, one of the most important German industrial & darkwave project of the 90ies! OSMOSE is a bombast-orchestral dark-ambient / industrial album that compiles material from the extremely successful PONTIFEX MAXIMUS-sessions, but all in NEW and previously unreleased versions and totally remastered. PONTIFEX MAXIMUS ( 1992) was a milesone in its genre and influenced countless artists. A timeless work of sheer beauty with such classic (new versions!) tracks as "Phallus Theme" or "Rusty Nails" ! Label: DARK VINYL (2005)
CD 1
1Phallick Magick (Prologue)1.9 MB1:22 Min.  
2Theme (Intro)2.6 MB1:52 Min.  
3Corrosion (Rusty Nails 1996)7.5 MB5:27 Min.  
4Excelsis (Christus Natus Est Nobis 1996)5.1 MB3:41 Min.  
5Revelations (O Sacrum Convivium 1996)7.4 MB5:24 Min.  
6Kum, Baby, Kum (Talitha Kumi 1996)5.7 MB4:10 Min.  
7Geiger Counter (Tortured By Death 1996)6.5 MB4:44 Min.  
8Stygmatick (Rusty Nails 1996)6.1 MB4:25 Min.  
9Safe From Harm (Dogmatik 1996)12.8 MB9:18 Min.  
10Epitaph (Rule Again 1996)7.4 MB5:22 Min.  
11Freeze! (Epilogue)3.8 MB2:44 Min.  

7,50 EUR
incl. Tax

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