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Dark Vinyl
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ECHO WEST - Echoes Of The West | Album
7,50 EUR
inkl. gesetzl. MwSt.
Erschienen: 01.01.2004
Anzahl Tracks: 12
Genres: Minimal

Gesamtlaufzeit: 50:59 Min.

ECHO WEST - Echoes Of The West 
ECHO WEST combines the elements of industrial music and cold-pop of the 80ies. Soundtechnical comparisons can be establish via older and younger groups like Dark Day, Nocturnal Emissions, SPK, Haus Arafna, November Növelet.

Review FUNPROX (June 2005) : " The third album of Echo West, after the "Some thought us dead" cd and the "Signalisti" LP. Again this German project treats us to a feast of analogue electronica steeped in the best 80's wave and electro tradition, in a style which the project refers to as 'Angst-Pop'. The title track, which opens the album, offers a dense wall of feedback and noise, as if to scare away casual listeners. They who have stayed are rewarded with much more accessible minimal electro tracks, like 'Time of brokened ties', with electronic sounds as cold as The Klinik could make them. Compared to "Some thought us dead" most tracks sound clearer (with a better production) and more melodic, and less noisy and experimental. The cold, monotonous vocals also play a bigger role, as always accompanied by a dry drumcomputer. Though in general the songs sound a little more stripped than before, there are still plenty of cool bleeps and effects to enjoy for lovers of antique electronic gear. Many tracks are rather dark, like the threatening 'Hellred light', or slow and melancholic, like 'This cute bad girl', with vocals reminding of Joy Division. A mechanical rollercoaster ride like 'Human Faith' brings back memories of Suicide. At times there is space for some lighter moments, like 'Stranger town'. More experimental soundscape-like tracks are also present, like 'Eletheia Elesion' or 'These highlands we like', perhaps comparable to DARK DAY or NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS. Though not yet as poppy as for instance THE RORSCHACH GARDEN, "Echoes of the West" has become a quite accessible album, which can be appreciated outside the small circle of nostalgic electro connaisseurs. Echo West seems to have found the perfect balance between raw underground sounds and attractive melodic songs. ... "
CD 1
1Echoes Of The West5.4 MB3:54 Min.  
2Time Of Brokened Ties5.1 MB3:43 Min.  
3Hellred Light5 MB3:39 Min.  
4Love Under Life ( An Adverse Birth)9.1 MB6:40 Min.  
5Stranger Town6.7 MB4:53 Min.  
6You Will Not Be Forgotten5.6 MB4:07 Min.  
7Eletheia Eleison5 MB3:36 Min.  
8Waves At Night4.7 MB3:27 Min.  
9Air VX6.9 MB5:02 Min.  
10This Cute Bad Girl6.3 MB4:38 Min.  
11Human Faith2.6 MB1:55 Min.  
12These Highlands We Like7.4 MB5:25 Min.  

7,50 EUR
inkl. gesetzl. MwSt.

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